25 Powerful Narendra Modi Quotes | Prime Minister of India inspirational speeches


25 Powerful Narendra Modi Quotes | Prime Minister of India inspirational speeches

Narendra Modi is Prime Minister of India and is one of the exemplary man who works really hard and is great example of what a small boy who sells tea at railway station can reach heights.

Narendra Modi Quotes and Speeches are so powerful that they inspire millions of people in India and world.

Here are some of the powerful Narendra Modi Quotes and speeches.


  1. “Coming age is the age of knowledge. However rich, poor or powerful a country be, if they want to move ahead, only knowledge can lead them to that path.” – Narendra Modi

  2. “Don’t dream to be something but rather dream to do something great!”– Narendra Modi
  3. “We do not need ACTS  but Action.”– Narendra Modi

  4. “We are not here for any positions but for a responsibility”– Narendra Modi

  5. “I will make such a wonderful India that all Americans will stand in line to get a visa for India”– Narendra Modi

  6. “IT+IT=IT;  Indian talent + Information technology = India Tomorrow”.- Narendra Modi

  7. “An opportunity to work is good luck for me. I put my soul into it. Each such opportunity opens the gate for the next one.”– Narendra Modi

  8. “If 125 crore people work together; India will move forward 125 crore steps.”– Narendra Modi

  9. “Once we decide we have to do something, we can go miles ahead.” – Narendra Modi

  10. “Children who can barely say maa, pappa, are saying Ab ki baar Modi sarkar. This is the power of democracy.”– Narendra Modi

  11. “A son of a poor man is standing in front of you today. This is the strength of a democracy.” – Narendra Modi

  12. “Religion to me is devotion to work and devotedly working is being religious.” – Narendra Modi

  13. “With the gun you can make the earth red but if you have a plough you can make the earth green.”– Narendra Modi

  14. “Mind is never a problem. Mindset is”– Narendra Modi

  15. “We should walk together, work together and progress together. We should move ahead with this mantra.”– Narendra Modi

  16. “It is important how we view the youth of our nation. To simply consider them as new age voters will be a big mistake. They are the new age power.”– Narendra Modi

  17. “By getting an opportunity to serve society, we get a chance to repay our debt.”– Narendra Modi

  18. “Each of has a natural instinct to rise like a flame. Lets nurture that instinct.” – Narendra Modi

  19. “I am a small man who wants to do big things for small people.” – Narendra Modi

  20. “In my life mission is everything… Even if i was a municipal chairman, I would have worked as hard as a CM.”– Narendra Modi

  21. “Hard work never brings fatigue. It brings satisfaction.”– Narendra Modi

  22. “Desire +Stability = Resolution; Resolution +Hard work=success.” – Narendra Modi

  23. “Politics for me is not Ambition… but a Mission.” – Narendra Modi

  24. “Let us think about ‘zero-defect and zero effect’. Zero defect in production with no adverse effect on the environment.”– Narendra Modi

  25. “The world used to think we are a land of snake charmers and black magic. But our youth has surprised the world with its IT skills.”– Narendra Modi


Bonus Narendra Modi Quotes

  • “Each one of us has both; good and evil virtues. Those who decide to focus on the good ones succeed in life.”– Narendra Modi

  • “The strength of the saviour is much more than the strength of the person who kills.”– Narendra Modi

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