How to find She is messing around : 9signs of a cheating Girlfriend

signs of a cheating girlfriend a men magazine relationship advice for men impulse4men success

signs of a cheating girlfriend a men magazine relationship advice for men impulse4men success

I had a Friend named Ayush when we were in class 12, he liked a girl in Commerce section ( we were in science) she was really an adorable girl. Ayush was madly flattened by her beauty  (ofcourse many others too were :-P).

And eventually, they came close and dated each other, but after 2 months he came to know that his girl was eating cake somewhere else too…

He was shattered. Believe me guys, he lost his appetite, interest in work and everything. ohhhh….that was terrible.


This is the Scenario, many of us  guys  faced some or other times in our or someone else’s life.

But i can tell you sign with which you can identify/sense a Cheating girlfriend.

10 Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend


1 When she talks about her male co-worker all the time

When she starts talking about her male co-worker all the time …..Rahul (example) did that, Rahul is too funny,Rahul brought curry in lunch….  and then suddenly she stops talking about him after sometime.



2 Working Late all the time

Nights, Weekends, long hours she stays busy and says to you she has some extra hours to do or there is some project for which she has to stay late…. and you think she has never been into work this much before…


“If someone makes you miserable more than they make you happy, it doesn’t matter how much you love them, you need to let them go”



3 When she start paying more attention to her phone than you

Now, this is tough guys… Girls now a days are super into there phones…so this is hard to judge but…..if she is like…smiling, giggling all the way while texting …and replying messeges and you ask -“whom you are talking to?” and she is like “No one”.



4 She is less interested in you

Fourth sign of a cheating girlfriend is that…When she is freaking out with someone else.. you get less freakiness  haha….. Exactly. Its like she is all the time starts to show disinterest in you : You tries to give your best to her, all the attention, and care….and she is like : No…not right now.. i don’t feel like and before she used to be like freaking crazy all the way, all the time.



5 When Her social Calender is full all the time

Fifth sign of a cheating girlfriend, is when her timetable is full all the way in dinner parties, night parties, shopping, hanging out with friends, going out with friends and you….are not invited.



6 She starts doubting you

Now sixth sign is very common, a cheating girlfriend manifests. She starts questioning you, where you are going? where you were last night? Do me a video call right now. She starts to stalk you like hunter. She fights with you and now she is not bothered to sort it out soon what she used to do before.



7 She constantly says I am not Happy

Suddenly she starts saying I am not happy with our relationship. I need some time alone, i need to go out on a trip with my friends, i want a break blah blahh….

Cheating isn’t always kissing, touching or flirting. If you gotta delete your text messages so your partner won’t see them, you’re already there.”



8 Her phone goes busy all the way

She starts to now seen online late nights, you wake at 2 am and she is online on whatsapp, messegner or you calls her and her phone goes busy. You asks her “who’s call was it?  and she is like “it was Emma or it was Shreya, she was asking me about college project or office project reports.” Bulshitt man.



9 She is constantly replying late to your messages while chatting

She constantly replies late to your messages while you guys chatting with each other, and you suddenly what the heck… why you are replying late…and she says “My aunty is also on chat or my delhi aunt is asking me something or my school friends are planning for get together.” Bul-shitt, All this doesn’t happen every time guys.



These were the nine signs of a cheating girlfriend that i have observed. Relationships are very sensitive part of our lives guys, Give your time to them, give respect to your girl.Make her feel like she is the one who is Queen of the world. But…keep an eye… so that you don’t get hurt on the way ( and please don’t be attached too much, untill she is your wife).

Guys, this is a platform where we all learn, that’s my take on cheating girlfriend. What you think are the behaviours of a Cheating girlfriend Comment in the space below and let us too know what you have experienced.

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