How to attract women you like : 10 Practical tips that surely works


how to attract women you love impulse4men relationship advice

Do you have trouble attracting girl you like? Many of us men do face a lot of trouble. In fact, mostly we feel uncomfortable only against that one particular girl whom we love truly.

I feel really pity on this situation. I was one of the many who had been in such a scenario… and then wen hear comments from our circle stating- “Girls like bad boys”.

But certainly there are some Rules to attract women, and i will be sharing here some of them

10 Practical Tips to attract women you like


1 Use the power of Smile

power of smile to attract girl you like

Smile is one of the most powerful tools you can employ to get mingled with and impress other party. A smile is definitely an ice breaker and relaxes others as well.

A smile indicates that you are confident and relaxed.



2 Dress Well

How you dress defines how you look and defines your attractiveness. Wear clothes that are well fitting, clean and well pressed.

Shoes are of particular importance to girls. Wear shoes that are polished, clean and stylish.


3 Make an eye contact

When you see your girl or the girl whom you want to attract, don’t ignore her or shy away from her. This is the problem most of us guys face.

Guys, trust me, Have confidence and and approach her, look directly into her eyes with confidence and dont’t be the first to break eye contact but keep in mind don’t stare at her otherwise this will make her uncomfortable.

When you look at the girl, go straight to her and talk, if you will hesitate and keep a gap of time it will look weird. Our goal is to make everything spontaneous. Be natural guys.


4 Use the #1 skill of good communication

Be a good listener. This is the number one skill of good communication. Listen to her, find common grounds on which you can talk.

Talk about hobbies, favourite places, food, dreams and challenges in life,

Humans tend to talk to ones who truly listens. If you are a good listener, she will tend to be more open with you.



5 Smell Good

Smell-is-something-that-is memorable how to attract a girl relationship advice impulse4men Arpit Devkumar

Personal hygiene is of paramount importance when it comes to attract a women you like Make sure you shower everyday, use deodrant, and brush your teeth.

A girl will most likely associate you with your scent and remember you because of it.


6 Tease her and don’t act creepy

Depending on her attractiveness, she have had experience with many guys trying to get her..When you converse with her …try to act fun and be light. Actively show disinterest in her as a potential mate.

When you do that, she will not put up barriers that she used to in order to get rid of all the guys who approach her.

She will start listening to you as a normal person and in doing so she may get attracted to you simply through your conversations. Just be fun, flirty and have a great time.


7 Don’t Buy her anything when you first meet her

You Really want to attract women you like? or the girl who next next to your bench in classroom or on the next table in a bar???

Then guys let me make you this thing clear…Don’t buy her anything when you first meet her.

Buying a drink or something when you meet a women for first time, is a sign of despiration or neediness. This is unattractive and avoid it at all costs.



8 Don’t Try Tooo Hard

Remember Guys what i said above. Don’t Act like she is the only girl in the world.

When you try too hard, girls sense it and its a Big Turn off. Be confident, if a girl doesn’t appreciate for who you are, then she probably isn’t worth you.


9 Take care of your body

Go to gym and  workout in order to stay firm and fit. Guys trust me, most girls do not find beer belly and fat bodies attractive.

You need to have a body that is firm and well toned.


10 Have a good Personality

Your attitude is most important attractive atrribute of all, more important than money, looks.Do not try to be fake.

Be confident but not cokcy, do not stutter when you talk. Do not stammer while you talk. Be a man.

A man is supposed to be independent, strong and confident. They take action and are decisive.

They are powerful and make things happen.The projection of “maleness” can be very attractive to women, since women want men, not boys, not guys with feminine attributes. Do not be standoffish or too shy. Stand up straight and walk confidently.


“Anybody can love your looks, but it’s your heart and personality that makes someone stay”

Guys, if you keep above 10 steps on how to attract a women in mind and continously practice them, I believe they will dramatically increase your chances of success to meet an attractive women.

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