How to change habits for growth mindset



Comfort and convenience are kiss of death to success and to growth mindset.

You have to be willing to be uncomfortable to be successful, and in doing so, you have to do something difficult than what you were doing before.

  If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got. You have to switch it up for growth mindset.

But the problem is – most people don’t switch it up.

They do, sometimes. But for exactly one day, or if they could, may be for 2 days but its hard to keep it up.


Because we are creatures of habit.But you can change habits.You don’t need to change all at once.Change one main habit at a time.SIMPLE.

I will write more articles on habits of successful people and how to change your habits later on.


But why its that changing a habit is difficult?

T Harv Eker says “When you come into this world, we come as an empty vessel, and all the sudden you gets filled up with information.”from whom???

Everyone and everything around you.

So you become the result of the information. Our mind is just like a large file cabinet, it stores information and we can only pull out information from it only when its stored there.

That’s the only difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

Successful people has files in their brain which leads to success.

Why is that Donald Trump makes decision and it leads to success?

Because he has files in his mind that leads to success, he has wealth based files in his mind.Its natural for him, its natural for most of the successful people, that’s results in action, that results in success.

Most people are opposite. Why??? Most people learn about money, success and happiness from people who aren’t happy, wealthy and successful. so that’s what you get.


So what you need to do???

You need to reprogram, you need to need to put information in your mind and then this will lead to some new action from these information and you will get new results.

Infuse your mind with great books, podcasts, attend seminars and develop healthy habits change from middle class mindset to growth mindset.

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