How to find She is messing around : 9signs of a cheating Girlfriend

signs of a cheating girlfriend a men magazine relationship advice for men impulse4men success

signs of a cheating girlfriend a men magazine relationship advice for men impulse4men success

I had a Friend named Ayush when we were in class 12, he liked a girl in Commerce section ( we were in science) she was really an adorable girl. Ayush was madly flattened by her beauty  (ofcourse many others too were :-P).

And eventually, they came close and dated each other, but after 2 months he came to know that his girl was eating cake somewhere else too…

He was shattered. Believe me guys, he lost his appetite, interest in work and everything. ohhhh….that was terrible.


This is the Scenario, many of us  guys  faced some or other times in our or someone else’s life.

But i can tell you sign with which you can identify/sense a Cheating girlfriend.

10 Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend


1 When she talks about her male co-worker all the time

When she starts talking about her male co-worker all the time …..Rahul (example) did that, Rahul is too funny,Rahul brought curry in lunch….  and then suddenly she stops talking about him after sometime.



2 Working Late all the time

Nights, Weekends, long hours she stays busy and says to you she has some extra hours to do or there is some project for which she has to stay late…. and you think she has never been into work this much before…


“If someone makes you miserable more than they make you happy, it doesn’t matter how much you love them, you need to let them go”



3 When she start paying more attention to her phone than you

Now, this is tough guys… Girls now a days are super into there phones…so this is hard to judge but…..if she is like…smiling, giggling all the way while texting …and replying messeges and you ask -“whom you are talking to?” and she is like “No one”.



4 She is less interested in you

Fourth sign of a cheating girlfriend is that…When she is freaking out with someone else.. you get less freakiness  haha….. Exactly. Its like she is all the time starts to show disinterest in you : You tries to give your best to her, all the attention, and care….and she is like : No…not right now.. i don’t feel like and before she used to be like freaking crazy all the way, all the time.



5 When Her social Calender is full all the time

Fifth sign of a cheating girlfriend, is when her timetable is full all the way in dinner parties, night parties, shopping, hanging out with friends, going out with friends and you….are not invited.



6 She starts doubting you

Now sixth sign is very common, a cheating girlfriend manifests. She starts questioning you, where you are going? where you were last night? Do me a video call right now. She starts to stalk you like hunter. She fights with you and now she is not bothered to sort it out soon what she used to do before.



7 She constantly says I am not Happy

Suddenly she starts saying I am not happy with our relationship. I need some time alone, i need to go out on a trip with my friends, i want a break blah blahh….

Cheating isn’t always kissing, touching or flirting. If you gotta delete your text messages so your partner won’t see them, you’re already there.”



8 Her phone goes busy all the way

She starts to now seen online late nights, you wake at 2 am and she is online on whatsapp, messegner or you calls her and her phone goes busy. You asks her “who’s call was it?  and she is like “it was Emma or it was Shreya, she was asking me about college project or office project reports.” Bulshitt man.



9 She is constantly replying late to your messages while chatting

She constantly replies late to your messages while you guys chatting with each other, and you suddenly what the heck… why you are replying late…and she says “My aunty is also on chat or my delhi aunt is asking me something or my school friends are planning for get together.” Bul-shitt, All this doesn’t happen every time guys.



These were the nine signs of a cheating girlfriend that i have observed. Relationships are very sensitive part of our lives guys, Give your time to them, give respect to your girl.Make her feel like she is the one who is Queen of the world. But…keep an eye… so that you don’t get hurt on the way ( and please don’t be attached too much, untill she is your wife).

Guys, this is a platform where we all learn, that’s my take on cheating girlfriend. What you think are the behaviours of a Cheating girlfriend Comment in the space below and let us too know what you have experienced.

How to attract women you like : 10 Practical tips that surely works

how to attract women you love impulse4men relationship advice

Do you have trouble attracting girl you like? Many of us men do face a lot of trouble. In fact, mostly we feel uncomfortable only against that one particular girl whom we love truly.

I feel really pity on this situation. I was one of the many who had been in such a scenario… and then wen hear comments from our circle stating- “Girls like bad boys”.

But certainly there are some Rules to attract women, and i will be sharing here some of them

10 Practical Tips to attract women you like


1 Use the power of Smile

power of smile to attract girl you like

Smile is one of the most powerful tools you can employ to get mingled with and impress other party. A smile is definitely an ice breaker and relaxes others as well.

A smile indicates that you are confident and relaxed.



2 Dress Well

How you dress defines how you look and defines your attractiveness. Wear clothes that are well fitting, clean and well pressed.

Shoes are of particular importance to girls. Wear shoes that are polished, clean and stylish.


3 Make an eye contact

When you see your girl or the girl whom you want to attract, don’t ignore her or shy away from her. This is the problem most of us guys face.

Guys, trust me, Have confidence and and approach her, look directly into her eyes with confidence and dont’t be the first to break eye contact but keep in mind don’t stare at her otherwise this will make her uncomfortable.

When you look at the girl, go straight to her and talk, if you will hesitate and keep a gap of time it will look weird. Our goal is to make everything spontaneous. Be natural guys.


4 Use the #1 skill of good communication

Be a good listener. This is the number one skill of good communication. Listen to her, find common grounds on which you can talk.

Talk about hobbies, favourite places, food, dreams and challenges in life,

Humans tend to talk to ones who truly listens. If you are a good listener, she will tend to be more open with you.



5 Smell Good

Smell-is-something-that-is memorable how to attract a girl relationship advice impulse4men Arpit Devkumar

Personal hygiene is of paramount importance when it comes to attract a women you like Make sure you shower everyday, use deodrant, and brush your teeth.

A girl will most likely associate you with your scent and remember you because of it.


6 Tease her and don’t act creepy

Depending on her attractiveness, she have had experience with many guys trying to get her..When you converse with her …try to act fun and be light. Actively show disinterest in her as a potential mate.

When you do that, she will not put up barriers that she used to in order to get rid of all the guys who approach her.

She will start listening to you as a normal person and in doing so she may get attracted to you simply through your conversations. Just be fun, flirty and have a great time.


7 Don’t Buy her anything when you first meet her

You Really want to attract women you like? or the girl who next next to your bench in classroom or on the next table in a bar???

Then guys let me make you this thing clear…Don’t buy her anything when you first meet her.

Buying a drink or something when you meet a women for first time, is a sign of despiration or neediness. This is unattractive and avoid it at all costs.



8 Don’t Try Tooo Hard

Remember Guys what i said above. Don’t Act like she is the only girl in the world.

When you try too hard, girls sense it and its a Big Turn off. Be confident, if a girl doesn’t appreciate for who you are, then she probably isn’t worth you.


9 Take care of your body

Go to gym and  workout in order to stay firm and fit. Guys trust me, most girls do not find beer belly and fat bodies attractive.

You need to have a body that is firm and well toned.


10 Have a good Personality

Your attitude is most important attractive atrribute of all, more important than money, looks.Do not try to be fake.

Be confident but not cokcy, do not stutter when you talk. Do not stammer while you talk. Be a man.

A man is supposed to be independent, strong and confident. They take action and are decisive.

They are powerful and make things happen.The projection of “maleness” can be very attractive to women, since women want men, not boys, not guys with feminine attributes. Do not be standoffish or too shy. Stand up straight and walk confidently.


“Anybody can love your looks, but it’s your heart and personality that makes someone stay”

Guys, if you keep above 10 steps on how to attract a women in mind and continously practice them, I believe they will dramatically increase your chances of success to meet an attractive women.

Still any questions? Feel Free to ask in comments below and connect on facebook







How to boost testosterone naturally – testosterone food

6-foods-to-boost-testosterone-levels impulse4men Arpit devkumar success blog personal development money fitness

How to boost testosterone levels naturally with testosterone food.

Here i have compiled a list of foods which  increase testosterone levels in men, and in tern improving sexual life, muscle gaining and feeling good ( most of all)


We all must have heard this: Eat like a man dude !!!  But we don’t know actually what a man eats and what makes them men by increasing testosterone levels.

Now in this article, i will be presenting to u some of the foods that increase testosterone levels naturally.


Boost testosterone naturally : Testosterone Food



Egg Yolks

-testosterone-food-impulse4men success magazine mens magazine success in india success motivation and inspiration in india



If you want to increase your testosterone levels naturally then you have to make Egg as the part of your diet, particulary Egg yolk !!!

I know, you must be scared with its fat content, but truly speaking, egg yolk has more nutrients as compared to albumin.

What in egg yolk increase testosterone levels?

Vitamin D3 is present in egg yolk which is bioidentical to testorenone as being cholestrol derived steroid hormone.


-testosterone-food-impulse4men success magazine mens magazine success in india success motivation and inspiration in india

It not only adds taste to our food but also increase testosterone levels, surprising na.

Actually, Garlic contains a compound called diallyl-sulphide, which promotes a hormone that triggers testosterone production.

There are studies that supports that Garlic increases testosterone production with high protein diet.


-testosterone-food-impulse4men success magazine mens magazine success in india success motivation and inspiration in india

Spinach is rich in magnesium and magnesium helps in muscle building and reproductive function of the body.

A study suggests that spinach increases both free and total testosterone in the body.


-testosterone-food-impulse4men success magazine mens magazine success in india success motivation and inspiration in india

There is an enzyme called aromatase which converts androgens into estrogen ( a female hormone), and you know mushrooms inhibits aromatase enzyme therefore, there will be less free androgen receptors left, and in turn more free testosterone will be available.



-testosterone-food-impulse4men success magazine mens magazine success in india success motivation and inspiration in india

Giacomo Casanova, an adventurer from italy used to have 20 oysters in breakfast and he used to sleep with tons of women, thats true ( i don’t know i have just read it too..:-P , jokes apart)

Oysters contain zinc which increase testosterone production as well as growth hormone production at the same time.


coconut-testosterone-food-impulse4men success magazine mens magazine success in india success motivation and inspiration in india

Coconut boosts testosterone levels, yes i am not kidding. Coconut not just only increase taste of our food, but it also contains saturated fatty acids which boosts testosterone levels by enhancing its production.

A study was conducted recently in which a group of individuals was switched from high fat diet to low fat diet which ultimately lead to decreased testosterone production.



So, Here were the foods which can boost your testosterone levels.

Hope you liked it, you can check my other blogs:

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You know any other food which boosts testosterone production??

Comment in below.

Lessons in Business and life from the Art of War by Sun Tzu



The Art of war by Sun Tzu is the book which is taught ub the Airforce Academy class of united states.And its really fascinating that a book witten 2500 years ago is the basic fundamental book studied by the world’s greatest airforce to this day.

  You may not be fighting wars today, but business is the modern day warfare today.

If you are in business or want to be in business, then this blog : Lessons in business and life from The ART OF WAR by SUN TZU is useful for you.

Business and life lessons from The Art of War

1 Know your enemy and know yourself and in 100 battles you will never be in peril

A lot of people go for job interviews, don’t get picked and don’t understand that this is exactly why???

They walk in there,, having no idea who they are dealing with. If you are walking in for a job interview, you need to spend a lot weeks, learning everything about the company and the industry its in.


“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Do you know how impressive it is if you walk in there and say something like- “We are in a billion dollar industry, I know we are currently holding 20 percent market share and the CEO has announced 2 weeks ago that we will be able to hit 30 percent next year, and here’s how hiring me can help this company achieve that.

Do you know, how impressing that will be. Most of the people answer is – “we are trying to sell shoes here, i don’t really know how.”

Now that’s crazy. But most of the people have no idea who they are dealing with. They have no idea about themselves.

Art of War says : know yourself well and your enemy/other person you want to influence too.

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2 Avoid what is strong, attack what is weak

Second lesson we learn from The Art of War is very crucial. Let me explain this with and example.

Suppose Linda gets a job at a company. She goes in and see how good everyone is at answering the phone.

She says that i am going to work and, better than everyone else at answering the phone and Linda never going to be valued at that company.


Because there are many others who are good at answering phone calls. She shouldn’t compete there.

She should focus on something which is more valuable and most of the people are not master at- like she should ask the question. I am going to be the person who knows everything about insurance, and she should master this skill.

Same thing goes in business. Suppose there is a person X, he goes in business trying to comepete wal-mart over prices. Do think he can?? he is insane.He can’t. But instead he should learn the weaknesses of wal-mart and hit where it hurts. Research –“with what people are not happy with wal-mart”???


“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” – Sun Tzu


“The cup was made with the tears of chinese children, Cup has nothing authentic about. Then you say look at my cup, its made by treating people really well.Its authentic.” because of this and that, Now that’t really hard market. But now at least you have some chances, some little market share now, because you literally had zero chances before.

3 To win 100 Battles in not the height of skill, to subdue the enemy without fighting is

Another lesson taught by Sun Tzu Through his legendary book The Art of War is about avoiding fights and winning over enemy.

Lets understand this with an example. Its amazing how everyone is obsessed with suing today. Definitely, there is a time when fighting is inevitable. But most of these cases can be subdued by just picking up the phone and have talks with calm mind.

Picking up the phone  will cost you nothing, suing people will cost you a lot. And it makes people so “proud” when they win because that’s all they can be “PROUD”.


But if you look at it rationally, you have spent endless amount of money, a lot of your time and ample of opportunity and now you “Win”. May be the benefit was higher than the cost in your situation. Congratulations. But lot of time, its not..

Do not rely on emotions like anger, take into account the cost and you do everything you can, without actually fighting it.

  Because you know fighting has a cost and that cost is huge.


Hope you liked these 3 Lessons from the the Book The Art of War by Sun Tzu.


Thank you for your valuable time you spent in reading this and help us aid in  your personal development.


Tell us your feedback over the topic by commenting below. 🙂

How to get rich : Lessons from the richest man in babylon


how-to-get-rich-impulse4men-com-success-articles-the-richest-man-in-babylon-arpit-devkumar-blog-success-magazineThis blog is about money. No…. its actually about wealth. Because there is a big difference between wealth and money.

Actually, i read the book “The Richest man in babylon”, may be for the 4th or 5th time. This is tahe book to which Jim Rohn says is the bible for How to get rich.

I will summarise here in this short, what i got from this epic book.

How to get Rich : Lessons from the richest man in babylon

There is a difference bwtween money and just wealth. “A man’s wealth is not about money, but his ability to develop streams of it.”

Suppose for example : If u have 1000 bucks and somebody on streets rob you. After a year from this you will not be worried about it, if you have sources of income to produce more money.

A wealthy man, not just lives in monthly income from check to check to check, but they employ there savings from checks to create more sources of income from them.

“Wealth, like a tree, grows from a tiny seed. The first copper you save is the seed from which your tree of wealth shall grow” – Algamish ( The richest man in babylon)

So going further in this How to get rich  article, here are 5 Lessons from The richest man in babylon.

1 Pay yourself first

You have an income, but most of your income is not yours. You will say WHATTT!!! bro

But you know the fact, you have your expenses, you pay your bills, EMI, mortgage, rent, you pay for your car, for your food, insurance etc etc … and at the end of month you say- i don’t have much money.

“ A fat purse quickly empties if there be no golden stream to refill it”- Kobbi (the richest man in babylon)

The Book –The richest man in babylon says- “Pay yourself first, atleast 10 percent of the income you have.” However , Jim suggests you should save more than 10 percent if you can – be it 20, 30 or even 50 percent.

Can you imagine, if you save at least 10 % of your income for 10 years, how much money you will make?

Here’s a catch- if someone gives you 1 million dollar, and ask you not to use them. Does that money is of any use to you???

Ofcourse – No

Same like savings, if you can’t use of savings, are they of any value to you ??? Of course No.

So what to do with it? Lets come on to lesson number 2

2 … Make your money money multiply/Find your money a job

If you’ve read the book Rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki, he explains- make your money work for you.

Create Assets and that’s one of the hardest things for people, because It doesn’t get build overnight. Building wealth takes time.

If you search How to become rich on internet you may find a lot of articles, but only few of them are of use.


3 Money will slip away from those who invest in unfamiliar things

This is the third lesson from the book. It says, Now you have money and someone comes to you and says- “hey invest in real estate” and you don’t know anything about real estate. But you still invest and loose your money because you don’t know how real estate works.

Make sure what you invest in.

“You will have to study.You will have to work.”

Remind yourself- “Its wealth creation. It takes time.”

4 Protect your money: Invest under the advice of wise man

This one is my favorite. I am obsessed with finding a mentor. There is n faster way to do things other than seeking advice from the ones who have already done it.

So best way to become wealthy is to follow advice of wealthy people.You can’t become rich by following advice of poor or middle class people.

5 “Don’t fall for too good” for true investments

Wealth creation takes time, its not an overnight process and this can be a little disapppointing for most people, because everyone wants to get rich fast.

SO, following this they invest in wrong investments and eventually loose money.

These are the lessons i got from the epic The richest man in babylon



Hope i have been of service to you. Thank you for your precious time you invested in reading impulsemen and helping us aid in your personal development.

How to change habits for growth mindset



Comfort and convenience are kiss of death to success and to growth mindset.

You have to be willing to be uncomfortable to be successful, and in doing so, you have to do something difficult than what you were doing before.

  If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got. You have to switch it up for growth mindset.

But the problem is – most people don’t switch it up.

They do, sometimes. But for exactly one day, or if they could, may be for 2 days but its hard to keep it up.


Because we are creatures of habit.But you can change habits.You don’t need to change all at once.Change one main habit at a time.SIMPLE.

I will write more articles on habits of successful people and how to change your habits later on.


But why its that changing a habit is difficult?

T Harv Eker says “When you come into this world, we come as an empty vessel, and all the sudden you gets filled up with information.”from whom???

Everyone and everything around you.

So you become the result of the information. Our mind is just like a large file cabinet, it stores information and we can only pull out information from it only when its stored there.

That’s the only difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

Successful people has files in their brain which leads to success.

Why is that Donald Trump makes decision and it leads to success?

Because he has files in his mind that leads to success, he has wealth based files in his mind.Its natural for him, its natural for most of the successful people, that’s results in action, that results in success.

Most people are opposite. Why??? Most people learn about money, success and happiness from people who aren’t happy, wealthy and successful. so that’s what you get.


So what you need to do???

You need to reprogram, you need to need to put information in your mind and then this will lead to some new action from these information and you will get new results.

Infuse your mind with great books, podcasts, attend seminars and develop healthy habits change from middle class mindset to growth mindset.

Check out other articles

Thank you for spending your valuable time in here, and helping us aid in your personal development.